Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    relation between mixing property, devanay chaos and distributional chaos    M.Sc.    nafousha, kiana    2017-05-21
2    Bony attractors    M.Sc.    ojnordi, zeinab    2017-04-23
3    Hyperbolicity and chaos for vector fields    Ph.D    Ghorbani moghaddam, Faride    2016-12-20
4    DOMINATED SPLITTINGS FOR FLOWS WITH SINGULARITIES    M.Sc.    Asa, Mohammad Geldi    2016-02-07
5    Nonautonomous dynamical systems: Chaos and Ergodicity    Ph.D    effati, mona    2015-11-24
6    some criteria for transitivity of iterated function systems    Ph.D    mohtashamipour, maliheh    2015-05-17
7    Hyperbolicity of homoclinic classes and chain components of C^1 vector fields    M.Sc.    ghayeni, na    2015-04-12
8    on various definitions of shadowing with average error in tracing    M.Sc.    ebrahiminezhad beiragi, hosein    2015-03-01
9    Structurally Stable Homoclinic Classes    M.Sc.    nemati faghir, vajihe    2014-11-09
10    ON NON-UNIFORMLY HYPERBOLIC RANDOM DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS    Ph.D    rashid, abbas ali    2014-06-10
11    Synchronization in iterated function systems    M.Sc.    oshagh, mahdi    2014-03-09
12    Hyperbolicity and types of shadowing for generic vector fields    M.Sc.    Ghorbani moghaddam, Faride    2014-02-23
13    ON HOMEOMORPHISMS WITH THE TWO-SIDED LIMIT SHADOWING PROPERTY    M.Sc.    raftar ali abadi, zahra    2014-02-23
14    Entropy-expansiveness for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms    M.Sc.    aghakhanzadeh, mona    2013-05-19
15    Robust entropy expansiveness implies generic domination    M.Sc.    babazadeh sarabi, halimeh    2013-05-19
17    on weakly hyperbolic iterated functions systems    M.Sc.    vatankhahan, aleyeh    2013-04-30
18    Atomic disintegrations for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms    M.Sc.    nokhbeh, ali    2012-11-18
19    Absolutely continuous invariant measures for non-uniformly expanding skew-products    M.Sc.    ,    2012-11-04
20    Blender and Iterated Function systems    M.Sc.    shamsabadi, hamid    2012-11-04
21    New criteria for ergodicity and non-uniform hyperbolicity    M.Sc.    parvizi, mohtaram    2012-05-05
22    some results on perturbations to lyapunov exponents    M.Sc.    zendehdel, tahere    2012-05-02
23    the average shadowing property and strong ergodicity - a note on the average shadowing property for expansive maps    M.Sc.    shoja, hojjat    2011-12-06
24    Cascades on ε- invisibility    M.Sc.    Moosavi Nanehgaran, Narges    2011-10-23
25    Thick Attractors Of Step Skew Products    M.Sc.    saremi, sedighe    2011-05-22
26    Invisible parts of attractors    M.Sc.    naji rad, zahra    2011-05-22